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A NY Debut: Flamenco Gitano – Los Hermanos Pañeros

Live@365 presents FLAMENCO GITANO: The FESTERO Tradition with LOS HERMANOS PAÑEROS plus José el Morao on guitar and Rafael del Zambo on vocals. A NY debut direct from Algeciras, Spain.

Perico El Pañero and his brother José El Pañero, better known as Hermanos Pañeros, from the Andalusian port city of Algeciras, the birthplace of guitarist Paco de Lucia, are among the most sought after Gypsy singers of the traditional old style cante (song) and baile (dance) Flamenco. The Hermanos Pañero have been described as being “from another planet and most definitely from another time.” Their singing and dancing embody a deep ancestral memory passed down through the generations in a language of gestures and melisma that take the listener back to a time when Gypsy songs were enmeshed in the harsh reality of poverty and social marginalization and flamenco dance was a spontaneous expression of cultural identity sparked by the deep feelings evoked by the song. They are joined by two outstanding emerging artists from Jerez de la Frontera: guitarist Pepe del Morao and singer Rafael del Zambo.

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